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BE NY has grown from the love for New York City. It’s the result of the passion of Belgians for New York, and their outspoken desire to share the uniqueness of this wonderful metropolis with fellow nationals. Patrick van Rosendaal developed the idea and came across likeminded people who are just as hung up on the intriguing, energetic life, awesome architecture and incredible divers character of America’s larges society. Together they builded a platform where every visitor get’s a fantastic experience. Whether they are on a business trip, a group travel or a family vacation, every BE NY’er will get enchanted by this endlessly exciting city.

Patrick Van Rosendaal

Founder BE New York

Patrick van Rosendaal is an alumnus of the prestigious Vlerick business school and had seen quite a few corners of the world before he decided to move to New York. As a former Parisian and Londoner, big city life no longer held any secrets. Then his life took an unexpected turn. Patrick followed his heart to the United States, but lost it to New York City. He promptly swapped his wedding ring for true love and settled down with Lady Liberty. A woman with limitless potential and tantalizing appeal. But also a true diva that would surely play hard to get.

It wasn’t long before Patrick’s interest in New York evolved into a real passion. The urge to share this passion with his countrymen further motivated his decision to become a professional tour guide. He successfully tackled the official exam and started his career as a tour guide on the famous Gray Line Buses and at Bike and Roll, the leading company for bike tours in New York City. During his time there, Patrick managed to gather and hone all the necessary skills that would prove invaluable during the process of setting up his own company, BE NY.

As an official member of GANYC, the prestigious professional tour guide association, Patrick has already worn out 3 vespa’s and a multitude of shoes on his many miles of exploratory journeys through the city. His tour guide company BE NY has had the pleasure of welcoming well over ten thousand visitors to New York. It led Patrick to proclaim that he is blessed with the best job in the world.


Fun fact:  De Empire State Building is so big that it has its own zip code, namely 10118.


Belgian NY'er

As an excellent photographer Mandy has a keen eye for detail. And she loves to share those details on her tours. Be sure to pick her brain about the best photo opportunity locations for that perfect holiday memory. Mandy Demuth

Fun fact:  39% of all 911 calls in New York are involuntary 'pocket dials'.


Belgian NY'er

This Belgian NY’er is the women behind Love Green, a wonderful website about green living in New York City. Lana loves to shower you with fun facts about her favorite city.

Fun fact:  New York only ranks around number 50 on the list of most dangerous cities in the US.


BE New Yorker

This born entertainer has earned his title as a true New Yorker. He knows the ins and outs of the city, both during the day as with respect to NYC’s vibrant nightlife. Koen manages a combination of activities in technology, photography, and tour guiding. koen.photos

Fun fact:  New York doesn't allow the serving of alcoholic beverages before noon on sunday.


Belgian NY'er

Being a teacher and a passionate New Yorker makes Ineke your perfect BE NY trainer. A tour with her is guaranteed to make you want to come back.

Fun fact:  5.3 million people use the New York subway system on a daily basis.


Belgian NY'er

As ghostwriter of the book BE NY, this New Yorker was able to combine two passions. He will happily smother you with huge amounts of interesting facts, neat places and awesome tips.

Fun fact:  Next to half of all New Yorkers age 5 and older speaks another language besides English.

Become a BE NY’er too!


Are you Belgian? With a passion for NY? Do you feel like sharing your passion with your fellow countrymen? Send your resume to info@beny.be

Fun fact:  The first BE NY'er was Peter Minuit who bought the island of Manhattan in 1626 from the Indians.