28 June 2016

Bluestone Lane

Aussie iced latte, a double shot of espresso poured over milk and ice-cream… need I say more?

Bluestone lane

Bluestone Lane is an Australian concept in New York. With good coffee, a beautiful design and a large menu, I definitely recommend it.

There are different coffee shops and cafés in New York. The café located in the West Village (30 Carmine Street, New York, NY) is very cosy. Too bad it is not stroller friendly. So Marie is not a fan of this location. The nicest coffee shop is the one near Bryant Park. (1114 Avenue of the America’s, New York, NY) When you are on the ‘Come as a traveler, go as a New Yorker‘ tour you might see this coffee shop.

Bluestone lane

Bluestone Lane wants to change your perception on coffee. In New York it is all about the need for caffeine and not so much about enjoying your cup. I am not sure they will succeed because New Yorkers are very focussed on their daily caffeine intake. But I managed to enjoy the Aussie iced latte a lot…

Love from New York,

PS. The avocado smash is very tasty, but according to Patrick the chicken sandwich is also delicious.

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