07 November 2016

Coffee Cups of the World

Coffee Cups of the World

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Coffeecupsoftheworld. The photographer and artisit Henry Hargreaves collects all the to go coffee cups he thinks are beautiful or special.

In November there is an exibition in the ORA Gallery. (51 7th Avenue, New York, NY)

Coffee Cups of the World

It is a rather small exhibition since one coffee cup doesn’t take up that much space. But it is fun to go and have a look. Patrick and I loved it because we recognized a lot of the cups. You will also recognize some of my favorite places that I wrote about on the blog. ‘Jack’s Wife Freda‘ and ‘Two Hands‘ are of course among the coffee cups featured.

Coffee Cups of the World

But also the best Matcha in New York, ‘Matchabar‘ and ‘Cha Cha Matcha‘ were there.

Coffee Cups of the World

If you want to take home a souvenir you will be pleased to know that there are posters on sale. There is a New York City version volume 1 and 2 and also a Brooklyn version 1 and 2. When you are not able to make it to New York this month, you can go to the  website!

Love from New York,

PS. Don’t forgot to visit ‘The Ink Pad‘, since it is just one block away…

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  1. Wednesday December 7th, 2016


    Coffee, my BFF…
    Kijk al uit naar al die koffiebarretjes….


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