25 September 2016

My favorite ice cream in 2016


Only 70 degrees in New York today. Fall is here! That is why I share my favorite ice cream of the summer of 2016 with you.

My favorite chocolate of all time and my favorite ice cream of the summer. The combination of raspberry, matcha and chocolate is the best invention ever! A well deserved first place. But of course I’m prejudice as a Belgian.
(500 Madison Avenue, New York, NY)


Second place is of course the magnum ice cream that you could costumize… To bad this pop-up store is now closed forever. Now we have to eat double caramel without toppings. Not bad either of course.

-321 ice cream shop

-321 ice cream shop
Super tasty and fun to see how they make it! -321 ice cream shop has longer lines every day and people come to Williamsburg, just to taste this ice cream.
(288 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY.)


This famous black ice cream was very tasty as well. Only the wait was to much.
(2 Irvington Sreet, New York, NY)

Taiyaki New York City

The newest ice cream in New York! Probably still popular next year. Who doesn’t want to eat this cute fish?
(119 Bakter Street, New York, NY)


Not the tastiest, but the most popular on Instagram in the summer of 2016. You can opt to add one topping to the cone. And add unlimited toppings to your ice cream. But of course due to the long lines I had stress while ordering and I only choose M&M’s and chocolate sauce.
(60 Mulberry St, New York, NY)

Ice cream in New York

Mister Softee 
In Belgium I didn’t like soft serve, but in New York it is definitely worth a try. The chocolate sprinkles are the best!


Let’s hope Indian Summer is here soon, because I would love to eat some ice cream before winter starts.

Love from New York,

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