21 September 2016

There’s a new fish in town: Taiyaki

Taiyaki New York City

You can find the newest ice cream in New York with Taiyaki in Chinatown. (119 Bakter Street, New York, NY) What is special about this ice cream? It has a cone in the shape of a fish. They opened this week. New Yorkers always love a new food craze. (Did you already hear about the Drunken Dumpling?) This creates long lines. That’s the reason I went to taste the ice cream as one of the first costumers…

Taiyaki New York City

I tried Matcha Better, that’s Matcha, red bean filling, mochi, matcha powder, strawberrydrizzle.
It’s surprisingly tasty and of course also very pretty on Instagram. You can also try other flavors like The Classic (Vanilla, custard filling, strawberry, chocola drizzle) or You’re berry lovely (vanilla, custard filling, strawberry, rainbow sprinkles, strawberry drizzle.) But if I can believe the hashtag #taiyakinyc on instagram, the Matcha Better is the most popular one.


With love from New York,


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